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It’s Written Education Project

At It’s Written Ministries, we believe and honour education. It is therefore our duty to help educate the young for a prosperous future.

One Response to It’s Written Education Project

  • Gwen says:

    Today in Auto Racing, the driver does not win the race alone. It takes a team. The big Million Dollar check has the derirvs name but that money is divided up between the owner, the pit crew, the cost of the raceshop that is behind him. Every one is important and has a job to do to the best of their ability. In the NT we find that the greatest missionary, Paul, useally had a partner, like Paul and Silas, that did their greatest work for spreading the gospel of Jesus. What makes us think we can do it alone? Today that is still true. We need a partner. NFRM is made up of many partners ministering in unique venues. Even demoninations need to find ways to work together and not plow the same fallow ground.Together we ARE stronger. Who is your teammate?

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To make God’s ways known on earth and His salvation spread to all nations before the return of our Lord, Psalms 67:2.
Our Mission
To equip, pray and encourage the Body of Christ to demonstrate God's love and power by preaching the Word of God in season and out of season, bringing people to salvation in a Pentecostal fashion.


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