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  • When you allow anger to take root in you and do not take action to forgive as soon as possible, you are letting the sun go down on your wrath, operating in the dark, putting yourself in a position where you can hardly see. Joshua saw this and did not allow the sun to go down before he had dealt with his enemies, so he commanded it to stop.

    Your decision to forgive moves God on your side, giving you super natural power over the situation. On the other hand, holding on anger gives the devil, “That kind of foothold in your life”, as Paul says, an opportunity to establish himself in your life, allowing what someone did to you control you. That is what Joshua could not risk: him and God’s people being slaves to the Amorites and their kings. Turning to the sun, he commands it to stand still until he had dealt with the Amorites.

    Today, it is not in your hands to avenge but it’s your duty to forgive any one who has wronged you before the sun goes down and your God will retaliate for you as revenge belongs to him. Failure to forgive someone binds them and binds you too.

    Unforgiveness is the devil’s two edged sword. Jesus told the disciples in John 20:23, that whoever they forgive, He forgives them too, “If you forgive anyone’s sins, they are forgiven. If you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven

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